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March 29, 2012
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pl3x-DivergenceIV by BillyGalbreath pl3x-DivergenceIV by BillyGalbreath
Gnome-Shell Theme by BillyGalbreath based on jurialmunkey's original theme.

!!! IMPROTANT !!! Please remove any previous versions before installing !!! IMPORTANT !!!

This is mostly a default stock theme, which I am slowly theming part by part.

Hopefully one day someone will port the GTK2 theme to GTK3. For now I'm using Hope/Hope-DT and it looks really good with the panel. I'm using Faenza-Dark icons seen in the screen-shot. I've also included the source file (gimp XCF file) for the upper left activities button, just in case you want to modify it. Just remember that the image needs to be in SVG format for Gnome-Shell to render it correctly. I did this by modifying the image in Gimp and then copy/pasting it into Inkscape. Tedious, but simple.

Comments, criticism, feedback, suggestions, and error reports are always welcome. I can be reached easiest on Google+ at [link] or you can simply comment at or

The original GTK2/AWN/Eclipse DivergenceIV theme [link]
Wallpaper from screen-shot [link]

Thanks for trying my theme, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am using and building it.


Fixed padding on the panel
Fixed the highlight on the Activities button
Removed unused code left over by default theme
Renamed Activities button image files
Made .panel-corner bigger to match the rest of the panel
Themed scroll-bars in the dash
Themed tool-tips
Themed pop-ups (calendar, accessibility, volume, network, user-status, etc)

Themed the panel
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Are you still coding this?
wow niice!
i miss jurialmunkey and his themes!
Creative one!
FallenUnia Mar 30, 2012
Cool! Is the panel all pure CSS or are there any images you used? Anyway, hands down best panel of Gnome-Shell yet!
Thanks for the compliment :D

Its a small image, but it stretches in the right places when a longer panel is needed.
FallenUnia Mar 30, 2012
Cool :) Whenever 3.4 hits the Arch repo's and whenever Catalyst functions with the Shell, I'll try it again and I'll be sure to use your theme ;)
Beautiful !
I want it for windows, NOW! :)
Not sure which way you want to go with the gtk but any of the 3 in the OMG suite are a good place to start.

That panel looks good, reminds me of an AWN style I used to use, lucida?

Also, added you to my linux circle on G+, maybe we should start a theme circle?
Yeah, the original theme's panel was AWN in Lucida mode. Very attractive, imo. Getting this "behavior" in Gnome-Shell was easy, but took a lot of guess work as the CSS property syntax isnt the exact same I've been using for the last 10 years.

I eventually want to port the original GTK theme to 3, but right now I'm focused in on the Gnome-Shell. Maybe someone else might port it by then? Who knows.

Here's the original GTK2 (and AWN and Emerald) theme [link]
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